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Britannica Image Quest

Provides online access to over two million images. All images are copyright cleared for non-commercial, educational use, great for teacher lessons plans, assignments, student reports & projects, newsletters, flyers, bulletins, or school websites.
Chicago Encyclopaedia Britannica 2011
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This site offers access to the best educational images from over 40 of the best collections in the world including Action Plus, akg-images, Album, Alinari 24 ORE, Amana Images, Ambient Images, Arcaid Images, Biosphoto, Blend Images, Bridgeman Art Library, Chicago History Museum, Culture-images, De Agostini Editore Picture Library, Design Pics, DK Images, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Fairfax Photos, First Light Images, Foodanddrinkphotos - Fundamental Photographs, Garden Picture Library, Getty Images, Royal Geographic Society, Science & Society Picture Library, Science Photo Library, SuperStock, The Granger Collection, The Times Picture Archive - NI Syndication, Universal Images Group, View Pictures, Wellcome Images Library, Hard Rain Picture Library, Image Quest Marine, Lake County Discovery Museum, Lebrecht Museum + Art, Leemage,, Mondadori Electa, National Geographic Society, National Portrait Gallery, Nativestock Pictures, Natural History Museum, Nature Picture Library, Newscom, Omni-Photo, Oxford Scientific (OSF), Photo Researcher, Photolibrary, Photoshot, Planet Observer, Press Association Images, Primal Pictures, Robert Harding World Images. The site includes an option to search by subject, by collection, or via keyword. It also includes featured images or searches which are regularly updated. Users can also save images to the lightbox and print, download or email them as necessary.
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