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14-16 Lee Holm Road, St Marys

Hughes, NathanaelAugust 2006 - Contemporary
In 1941 4,500 acres of land, north of the railway line at St Marys was used by the Federal government as a munitions filling factory consisting of 850 buildings and seventeen miles of railway. This warehouse was one of the buildings from that time period. Following World War 2 buildings such as this one were leased or sold to private industry as part of the Dunheved Industrial Estate. Detail of piers and joists under the eastern side of the building.
14-16 Lee Holm Road, St Marys
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August 2006 - Contemporary
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Item from Collection: Photographs
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Graphic materials
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Reproduced from Archival photographic recording of ex Munitions warehouse 14-16 Lee Holm Road St, St Marys.
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Copyright held by Penrith City Library
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