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Digital Literacy 

Penrith City Library’s Digital service is available for minor technology issues such as: 

• Printing, webprint and scanning 
• Using your device 
• Connecting to our free Wi-Fi 
• Searching the Internet 
• Using Libby by Overdrive audio, eBook and eMagazine service 
• Using IndyReads and Beamafilm and other subscription services offered by the Library 
• Using Transparent Language Online, the library's language learning service. 
• Help with new technology 

Customers are encouraged to bring along their own equipment for digital literacy support. Technical faults on customer devices will need to be referred to the relevant manufacturer or a service technician.

For longer sessions training is being offered on an individual appointment basis. See information below.

Tech Help Sessions with the Digital Literacy Foundation 

Book a one hour, one on one training session with a Tech Mate from the Digital Literacy Foundation on Tech Tuesday at Penrith City Library, or Web Wednesday at St Marys Library. 

Tech help topics may include:

• creating and using an email account 
• creating documents 
• attaching files and photos 
• using subscription library resources 
• downloading and streaming content like movies, books, and audiobooks, and more. 
• Using your device 
• Searching the Internet 

Bookings are essential call 47327891 or email or see one of our friendly staff at any of the library branches. 

Please bring your device and passwords with you. We look forward to helping you! 

The Digital Literacy Foundation provide free tech help while supporting you in your digital learning journey. 

Please note - fixing broken hardware or software is not within our scope. 

Conditions of Use

The Library internet and public P.C. service is available for all library patrons. Library staff will provide assistance and are limited to short transactions. For lengthy enquiries an appointment is required. The internet is used at your own risk, you are responsible for the safety and security of personal information. The Library cannot guarantee the quality and consistency of information found on the internet, the network service and response time supplied by our internet service provider, or the functioning of third-party software and applications. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult family member or carer who takes responsibility for the child’s activities in the library and the material that is accessed by the child via the Library’s public internet service. Please keep noise to minimum and refrain from accessing web information that may cause offence. 

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