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Teen health and wellness : real life real answers

Designed to meet the needs of teenagers in the areas of health, fitness, drugs, alcohol, mental health, family life & more. Provides young adults with content reviewed by experts in medicine, mental health, nutrition, guidance & counseling.
New York Rosen 2012
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General, Secondary, Upper Primary
This online database draws on information from Rosen's award-winning print series for teenagers such as Coping, Need to Know, Drug Prevention Library, and others, yet offers so much more. It provides a comprehensive online health resource specifically for teens, and encapsulates the best information on a wide variety of topics. It includes high-interest features, as well as up-to-date resources, to allow students to locate reliable information in a discreet manner while being offered additional resources for contacting health care professionals within their communities for additional information or support. With regularly updated home page features that relate to medical and social issues, database articles, resource sections with web sites, organizations, and recommended reading, this database provides students with the resources to both investigate personal medical information and answer in-depth research questions for classroom assignments. Students may immediately begin searching by selecting the Browse by Subject or the Browse by A-Z buttons or they can type their search topic in the Search box on the top of the page.The home page is divided into several sections which focus on specific areas - In the News presents timely topics while in Dr. Jan's Corner Jan Hittelman, a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of experience, answers readers e-mail questions. Personal Story - provides compelling, teen-authored stories. Cast Your Vote - a quick survey on topics such as dating, comes with a Reality Check section within the results that discusses issues relating to relationships and how to find solutions or help with tough situations. A Did You Know? - section reveals a topic of interest such as bullying, and how students can find help with problems that they might feel they face alone. On the left-hand side of the homepage, users will find a lengthy list of topics, including body basics; diseases; friendship and dating; grief and loss; nutrition; sexual health; and skills for school, work, and life. By selecting one of these topics, the user is immediately provided with a new search page, which allows them to narrow their subject choices to more specific content information. Students accessing the database will find four different search options: Browse by Subject, Browse by A-Z, a Search box for typing a search term, and a list of Search Topics. Upon beginning a query, each option presents users with a new search page with topics to help narrow the search. When a specific topic is selected, the user is directed to the articles available on that topic. Each article includes the author, the source from which the content has been taken, and the complete article citation in MLA format. Students may print or e-mail articles and a complete bibliography can be generated by selecting the Cite This Article button. To the left of the article is a list of Article Sections which correspond to the subject, as well as hyperlinked Resources,- Further Readings, and a Glossary. Below the Article Sections is a box with Related Articles. Finally, on the bottom of the article page is a white box which features a telephone Hot Line resource link; this directs students to a list of possible resources for additional information or instructs them on how to reach professionals for more in-depth assistance or help. Through the inclusion of general health topics, as well as sensitive and straightforward discussions of topics that may not be included in many school library collections, this database addresses the needs of many teenagers while providing sensible solutions, options, and resources.
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