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Local and General - Quarterly Reunion

The first of a series of quarterly reunions in connection with the Wesleyan Church came off in the local Wesleyan Church, which was nicely filled for the occasion. Addresses were given, an excellent programme of vocal and instrumental music was gone through, and refreshments and parlor games were indulged in. The meeting of office bearers took place on the following evening, when finances revealed a clear balance sheet. Local preachers' business wound up the proceedings.
Nepean Times 22 July 1899 page 6
Nepean Times (microfilm) Nepean Times, 22 July 1899, page 6
Wesleyan Church - J Stanton - Rev S B Fellowes - F H Mashman - Miss Reid - Miss Steer - Miss Lucas - Miss Wannell - Miss Dennis - Miss Player - Miss Crossman - N Hunter - F C Steed - Mrs Damiarna - Mrs Aynsley - Steele - Jeffries
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Nepean Times (Microfilm)
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