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Penrith Council - continued

Mr Stanley F Allen was re-appointed auditor this year. Finance report - Council should inspect the bridge near the public school at Cranebrook re strengthening it. New chimney shaft needed at thje electric light station. Rubbish being dumped on Mrs Woodriff's land. Lighting in Magrath's Avenue - agreement between Blue Mountains and Penrith Council endorsed. Auditor and Local Government statements read and received - town clerk and assistant complimented. Notice of motions referred to brick paving in High Street and Lemongrove Road - ruled out of order.
Nepean Times 20 April 1912 page 8
Nepean Times (microfilm) Nepean Times, 20 April 1912, page 8
Penrith Council 1912 - Ald Eaton - Ald Huxley - Ald Vine - Ald Walker - Ald Clissold - Ald T Jones - Ald Lance - Ald Judges - Ald Hand - Town Clerks - E W Orth - Clerk of Works - C Heyward
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Nepean Times (Microfilm)
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