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Analysing the French Revolution

Adcock, Michael, 1953-2015
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This title includes a range of sources and up-to-date exam-style questions to provide comprehensive exam preparation for students focusing on the French Revolution, and to support VCE History studies. An Interactive Textbook offers further revision activities and other rich content to bring history to life.
Main title:
Analysing the French Revolution / by Michael Adcock.
Third edition.
Port Melbourne Vic : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
309 pages : colour illustrations, maps ; 28 cm.
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Includes index.
Interest grade level: Secondary
About the author -- Foreword by Professor Peter McPhee, AM -- French Revolutionary governments at a glance -- How to use this textbook -- Summary of key events, 1774 to October 1789: The political order in France before the Revolution -- The social order in France before the Revolution -- Significant ideas: the influence of the Enlightenment -- New popular movements and significant ideas before the Revolution -- How France's financial crisis became a political crisis, 1774-1789 -- How the political crisis became a revolution, 1789 -- The Revolutionary events of 1789 -- Summary of key events, October 1789 to November 1795: The role of significant individuals, 1789-1791 -- The development of significant Revolutionary ideas, 1789-1791 -- The role of popular movements, 1789-1791 -- Creating a new society, 1789-1791 -- Sources of disunity in the Revolution, 1789-1791 -- The Revolutionary events of 1792 -- Creating the new society, 1792-1794 -- The new society: Challenges and responses, 1792-1794 -- Significant individuals: The role of Maximilien de Robespierre, 1792-1794 -- Popular movements: The role of the sans-culottes in the French Revolution, 1792-1795 -- Popular movements: The role of women in the French Revolution, 1789-1794 -- The final settlement: The conservative republic of 1795 -- Historical interpretations.
9781107506442 (paperback)
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