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Lackey, Mercedes2015
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Long ago, the barriers between our world and the Otherworld were ripped open, and it's taken centuries to bring back civilization in the wake of the catastrophe. Now, the luckiest Cits live in enclosed communities,behind walls that keep them safe from the hideous creatures fighting to break through. Joyeaux Charmand has been a Hunter since she was a child. Then she is called to Apex City, where the best Hunters are kept to protect the most important people. But the city's powerful leaders care more about luring Cits into a false sense of security than protecting them. More and more monsters are getting through the barriers,and the close calls are becoming too frequent to ignore. When an act of sabotage against Joy takes an unbearable toll, Joy uncovers a terrifying conspiracy in the city. There is something much worse than the usual monsters infiltrating Apex. And it may be too late to stop them.
Main title:
Hunter / by Mercedes Lackey.
New York : Hyperion, 2015.
374 pages
Series title:
Hunter ; n1.
9781484707845 (hardback)
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