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Every colour of you

Mandeville, Amelia2018
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What happens when someone who lives every day to the full meets someone who can only see reasons to stop living? We had a story - short, but not a simple one. I couldn't stay here and explain it all to you. If you really want to know, you'll have to take time out of your day. You'll have to read it... Zoe's life is full of colour. A fan of impromptu yoga, inspirational quotes and experimenting with hair dye, she's on a mission to make the most of each and every day - even if she is currently spending most of her time behind a checkout till. Then she meets Tristan. The rumour is that since his dad died, Tristan's life has fallen apart. No one has seen him for months. But now he's reappeared, does that mean he's back to 'normal'? Zoe soon realises Tristan is struggling with a sadness that she can't possibly understand and becomes determined to bring a world of colour back into his life. But the harder she tries, the more she realises it's something she can't fix - and in trying to put him back together, a part of her is beginning to fall apart..
Main title:
Every colour of you / by Amelia Mandeville.
London : Sphere, an imprint of Little, Brown Book Group, 2018.
373 pages ; 24 cm.
9780751571707 (paperback)
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