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Ave Maria

D'Amico, Charles2020
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Neil Baggio, fresh off ending the Cappelano case, is called in the middle of the night from his high school. The headmaster, formerly his teacher, asks Neil to come help investigate a student's mysterious death. What looks to be a suicide will have Neil chasing down the Church, causing scene after scene and flying to Europe to chase one last lead that will live up to the Baggio name. Neil and his team will be tested, trying to get information out of one of the oldest institutions in history, the Catholic Church. Neil can't find the connection, can't find the trail, all he knows is they are sweeping up the tracks, but why? Follow Neil as he causes a stir, riles up the church and rises to the occasion. The truth is there, but will it be found before its finally hidden away for good?
Main title:
Ave Maria / by Charles D' Amico.
Texas : Blue handle publishing, 2020.
393 pages
9781734772722 (paperback)
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