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Gale Interactive: Science

This online resource with interactive 3-D models includes curriculum alligned digital content that will help students experience Science not just study it. Gale Interactive: Science provides a comprehensive view of the most-studied Science subjects. Authoritative high-quality digital content is mixed with interactive 3-D models to help students to visualize and understand concepts in Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, and much more in a virtual lab. This eResource encompasses a wide range of Science topics as part of our Penrith City Library Suite made available via the State Library of NSW. Using your Library Membership Card barcode number you can logon to the site to access the resources in the library or remotely from your home device via the Library Catalogue.
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Gale Interactive: Science / by Gale Cengage
Michigan, US : Gale Cengage, 2021
Online database, Mode of access World Wide Web
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This online Science database provides students with the power to see beyond the static text and embrace learning outside of the classroom through hands-on inquiry based interactive learning using digital content paired with interactive 3-D models with functionality that includes zooming in, rotating or pulling objects apart. Going beyond just simple flat text on a page to offer a highly visual online tool that will help students develop critical thinking and research skills, ideal for structured front of class teaching or for independent learning. The subject areas covered include: Science and Technology - Biology - Chemistry - Earth Science - Analytical Chemistry - Elements and Atoms - Astronomy - Circulatory system - Physics - Geology - Infectious Diseases - Microbiology - Musculoskeletal system - Organic Chemistry - Palaeontolgy - Reproductive system - and - Zoology. The site is designed to supplement science course materials in a fresh, unprecedented way and it is full of relevant images that can be manipulated, rotated, magnified and closely examined in detail to enhance learning experiences. Students can explore in a classroom setting or on their own to assist with homework and research assignments. Added features include: self-quizzes, interactive lessons and anytime student friendly interaction with 3-D models, ease of use and much more.
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