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George Orwell's Animal Farm

Bloom, Harold2006
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Emphasizing summary and analysis, this guide is designed to provide the necessary materials with which readers can gain a better understanding of the work
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George Orwell's Animal Farm / by Harold Bloom (Editor)
New York Chelsea House Publishers 2006
101 p
Introduction - Biographical Sketch - The Story Behind the Story - List of Characters - Summary and Analysis - Critical Views: Edward Crankshaw on Orwell and Communism - Matthew Hodgart on Animal Farm as Satire, Fable, and Allegory - Raymond Williams on the Struggle between Animals and Humans - Graham Greene on Literary Responsibility During Wartime - Kingsley Martin on Orwell's Cynicism and Benjamin - Cyril Connolly on the Betrayal of the Russian Revolution - Issac Rosenfeld on the 'Point' of Animal Farm - Edmund Wilson on the Effectiveness of the Animal Fable - Northrop Frye on the Success and Failure of Animal Farm's Various Satires - Robert Pearce on Orwell and Tolstoy - C. Fleay and M.L. Sanders on George Orwell and Propaganda - Anthony Kearney on the Meaning of Equality - Michael Peters on Animal Farm 50 Years Later - V.C. Letemendia on the Wider Implication of Animal Farm - Ricardo Quintana on Orwell and Satire - Stephen Sedley on Politics and the Success of Animal Farm - Patrick Reilly on Mitigating Horror through Fable - Christopher Hollis on Animal Farm's Literary Merit - Works by George Orwell - Annotated Bibliography - Contributors - Acknowledgments - Index
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