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The reason why : the miracle of life on Earth

Gribbin, John2011
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A groundbreaking and provocative new book that explains the importance of planet Earth and its place in our Cosmos. Does one planet really matter among the immensity of the Cosmos? John Gribbin is here to persuade us that it does.
London Allen Lane 2011
219 p.
Introduction: One in a Trillion: Across the Milky Way -- Hot jupiters -- Planets in profusion -- Dusty beginnings -- Cosmic chemistry -- The life of Gaia -- Searching for other Gaias -- 1.Two Paradoxes and an Equation: The cosmic lottery and the Drake equation -- The inspection paradox and the Copernican principle -- Panspermia and the Fermi paradox -- Probing for an answer -- 2.What's So Special about Our Place in the Milky Way?: Making galaxies -- Making metals -- Mixing metals in the Milky Way -- Our place in the Milky Way -- The Galactic Habitable Zone -- Catastrophic comets -- 3.What's So Special about the Sun?: The narrow zone of life -- The Sun is not an average star -- Perturbing partners -- Blasts from the past -- The mystery of solar metallicity -- Until the Sun dies -- Postponing Doomsday -- 4.What's So Special about the Solar System?: Too hot to handle -- The geography of the Solar System -- Making planets -- Making the Solar System -- Making the Earth -- The special one -- 5.What's So Special about the Earth?:
9781846143274 (hbk)
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