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A history of the world in 100 objects

MacGregor, Neil2010
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MacGregor tells the stories behind 100 objects, based on BBC Radio 4 series. Objects are from almost 2 million years ago up to the present day. The 100th object is yet to be chosen, but will be contemporary item acquired by British Museum.
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London Penguin 2010
707 p. colour illustrations
Part One Making us human 2,000,000-9000 BC -- Part Two After the ice age: Food and sex 9000-3500 BC -- Part Three The first cities and states 4000-2000 BC -- Part four The beginnings of science and literature 2000-700 BC -- Part Five Old world, new powers 1100-300 BC -- Part Six The world in the age of Confucius 500-300 BC -- Part Seven Empire builders 300 BC-AD 10 -- Part Eight Ancient pleasures, modern spice AD 1-500 -- Part Nine The rise of world faiths AD 100-600 -- Part Ten The Silk Road and beyond AD 400-800 -- Part Eleven Inside the palace:secrets at court AD 700-900 -- Part Twelve Pilgrims, raiders and traders AD 800-1300 -- Part Thirteen Status symbols AD 1100-1500 -- Part Fourteen Meeting the gods AD 1200-1500 -- Part Fifteen The threshold of the modern world AD 1375-1550 -- Part Sixteen The first global economy AD 1450-1650 -- Part Seventeen Tolerance and intolerance AD 1550-1700 -- Part Eighteen Exploration, exploitation and enlightenment AD 1680-1820 -- Part Nineteen Mass production, mass persuasion AD 1780-1914 -- Part Twenty The world of our making AD 1914-2010 -- Maps -- List of objects -- Bibliography -- References
9781846144134 (hbk)
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