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14-16 Lee Holm Road, St Marys

Hughes, NathanaelAugust 2006 - Contemporary
In 1941 4,500 acres of land, north of the railway line at St Marys was used by the Federal government as a munitions filling factory consisting of 850 buildings and seventeen miles of railway. This warehouse was one of the buildings from that time period. Following World War 2 buildings such as this one were leased or sold to private industry as part of the Dunheved Industrial Estate. View showing the northern side of the warehouse.
14-16 Lee Holm Road, St Marys
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August 2006 - Contemporary
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Item from Collection: Photographs
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Graphic materials
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Reproduced from Archival photographic recording of ex Munitions warehouse 14-16 Lee Holm Road St, St Marys.
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Copyright held by Penrith City Library
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