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Moore Cottage, Sainsbury Street, St Marys

Kingston, Daphne19 March 1995
This cottage was the home to the Moore family. Its external form suggests that it is one of the oldest remaining cottages in St Marys. It is believed to have been built using sun dried brick, a technique which is rare, however not unknown. The cottage has since been renovated.
Moore Cottage, Sainsbury Street, St Marys
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19 March 1995
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01 Jan 1995 - 31 Dec 1995
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Item from Collection: Photographs
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Photographic collection donated by Daphne Kingston
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UnrestrictedAvailable on request in the Research Room
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Reproductions are not allowed without permission of the copyright ownerReproductions may be obtained on request. Charges apply.
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Graphic records - Photographs
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