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Constance Margaret Neale Biography File

Multiple Sources
Published biographical information on Constance Margaret Neale: Penrith City e-history World War 1 nurses - RPA museum (www.slhd, - - Australian War Memorial photograph on board AMFA Grantala - Digitised service record of Staff Nurse Constance Margaret Neale from National Archives - Nepean Times (28 November 1908) - Nepean Times (5 September 1914) - Nepean Times (14 August 1915) - Nepean Times (26 May 1917) - Obituary for Lloyd Henry Holliday (son) Nepean Times (12 March 1942) - Obituary Henry Alston Stanley Holliday (husband) Nepean Times (21 October 1954) - Funeral notice Sydney Morning Herald (19 May 1972) - Reverend Henry Thomas Holliday (father in law) - Henry James Fulton Neale (father) - Jane Neale (mother) - Eric Holliday (son) - Ross Holliday (son)
Constance Margaret Neale Biography File
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