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Kingswood soldier send off party, First World War

circa 1916
Kingswood soldier send off party for the First World War. The building in thr back is the Trocadero Hall in Kingswood park.
Front Row: ?,?,?,?,?, Dulcie Paskin, Eilleen Carney, Alice Paskin, ? Boots, Edna Paskin, ?,?,?,?,?.
Second Row: ? Ollie Tolhurst, ?, Herb Paskin, Emily Boots, Clannil Boots, ?, Mrs Boots Snr, Ted Boots, ? Boots, ? Hope, ?, Teddie Hannan, Millie Hannan (Tolhurst), Mrs Munton, ?, Leslie Paskin.
Third row: ?,?, ?,Mrs Barton,?, Arthur Millen, Pearl Wainwright, ?, Hilda Wainwright, Cal Craig, Millie Tolhurst, Florie Hope, Lavinia Tolhurst, Esther Paskin, Mrs Budge, ?, Mr Fowler.
Back row: Mr Millen Snr, Samuel Thomas Paskin, Jim Tolhurst, Joe Paskin, Grace Paskin, Mr and Mrs Vivian, Mrs Campbell, Clara Barton, Jenny Sutton, ?, Ted Edward Paskin, Percy Wainwright, Baby Merryn, Lucy Wainwright, Baby Faith.
Kingswood soldier send off party, First World War
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circa 1916
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01 Jan 1916 - 31 Dec 1916
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