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Nepean River from Log Cabin Hotel

The Log Cabin was built on the eastern bank of the Nepean River and was originally known as the Log House. Unable to get a decent cup of tea in Penrith whilst journeying to and from the Blue Mountains, businessman Joynton Smith decided to build a tearoom. He purchased land overlooking the Nepean River from Frank & Arthur Judges in January 1924. His Log House opened in December 1925. In 1939 it was renovated and extended and renamed the Log Cabin Hotel. The hotel was destroyed by fire on the evening of March 9, 2012.
Nepean River from Log Cabin Hotel
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01 Jan 1940 - 31 Dec 1949
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This image is part of the foldout contained within the "Penrith and Vicinity Photographic Booklet" postcard
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