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Australia's war against rabbits : the story of rabbit haemorrhagic disease

Cooke, Brian Douglas2014
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The management of wild rabbits is a vexing problem worldwide. This book uses rabbit haemorrhagic disease as an important case study in understanding how animal populations adapt to diseases, in this case by an RNA virus.
Collingwood VIC CSIRO Publishing 2014
222 pages illustrations
Includes bibliographical references (pages 197-213) and index.
1.Almeria awakening -- 2.The Coffee Brothers -- 3.A new disease -- 4.Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus -- 5.The European rabbit -- 6.Australia's worst Christmas present -- 7.VIP fleas -- 8.El Pulguero -- 9.Australia's ecological blind spot -- 10.The ecological impact of RHD in Europe -- 11.The Zaragoza Vet School -- 12.Introduction of RHDV to Australia -- 13.Round three to the virus -- 14.Reconstructing the great escape -- 15.Epidemiology in the big paddock -- 16.Enter the commentators -- 17.Aotearoa -- Land of the Long White Cloud -- 18.Rabbit busters -- 19.Ecological effects of RHD in Australia and New Zealand -- 20.Blood groups and rabbit control? -- 21.Discovering kindred -- 22.A steadily changing virus -- 23.A dissection of uncertainties -- 24.A surgery of suppositions -- 25.Modelling hypothetical -- 26.Genetically modified viruses -- international issues -- 27.Impediments to rabbit control -- 28.The dinner party -- 29.Hunter and farmer -- 30.Future gazing -- 31.Epilogue.
9780643096127 (paperback)
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