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Hickory dickory : songs from Play School, songs from Kindergarten

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The kids will adore this album, and it will provide hours of pleasure for them, as well as a chance for parents to spend time teaching their children those special songs from their own childhoods.
Australia ABC music 1995
1 sound disc (CD)
Lower primaryPreschool
Hickory Dickory Dock - Make the noises - Jump - Little sacka sugar - I'm so hungry - I'm a little teapot - Banans in pyjamas - Ring ring - Here's a house - This is the way - Ring a ring a roses - Pat a cake - Pussycat pussycat - Twinkle twinkle little star - Painting - Pussycat says meow - Incy wincy spider - What do you suppose - How does a caterpillar go - Nicholas ned - Hush little baby - I can run as fast as you - The Gingerbread man - Clap your hands - Benita says - Open, shut them - Changes - 1,2,3,4,5 - Little shell - Rub a dub dub - Rubabubba - Rolling all around - Take you riding - Stop look and listen - I'm a train - I'm a great big tiger - The zebra - The elephant wobbles - Little Peter Rabbit - When all the cows were sleeping - Bill Grogan's goat - Cowboy song - Horse riding - Kitchen Symphony - Boom boom.
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