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The mechanisms of genetics : an anthology of current thought

Watson, Stephanie2006
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New York Rosen 2006
206 p.
Chapter One: Discovering Our Past Through DNA: 'Living In The Past. Genetic Research Is Uncovering Signs that Our Ancestors Aren't What We Thought They Were--and that Most Europeans May Be Cousins' - 'The Human Factor' - 'True Or False? Extinction Is Forever' - Chapter Two: Mutation, Adaptation, and Natural Selection: 'Foresight in Genome Evolution' - 'The Importance of Context in Genetics' - Chapter Three: The Human Chromosome: 'Why the Y Is So Weird' - 'CENTROMERES: A Journey to the Center of the Chromosome' - Chapter Four: What Can Our DNA (and Animal DNA) Tell Us About Ourselves?: 'The Secret of Life Cracking the DNA Code Has Changed How We Live, Heal, Eat and Imagine the Future' - 'Metaphors and Dreams: The Paradox of the DNA Revolution Is that It Shows Us a Shining Future Without Telling Us How to Get There' - 'The Human Genome Project: The Next Decade' - 'Illuminating Behaviors' - Bioinformatics--New Horizons, New Hopes' - Chapter Five: Genes and Disease: 'Using SNP Analysis for a Clinical Look at Diseases' - 'Regenerative Medicine' - 'We Are What We Eat' - Chapter Six: Modifying Nature with Genetics: 'Food: How Altered?' - 'Improving Trout through Genetics Research'
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