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Yates young gardener : growing things to eat

Marriott, Janice2009
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Tthe basics of gardening for kids. Soil types, compost, insects, pests, sunshine, water and nutrients are all explained simply and directly. It includes activities, puzzles and games to make the experience enjoyable and informative.
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Auckland HarperCollins 2009
63 p. colour illustrations
Lower primaryUpper primary
Gardening for kids: Parts of a plant - What are seeds? - How do seeds spread? - Where plants grow - Let's plant a sunflower - What is soil? - Worms: friends in low places - Making compost - Looking after baby plants - Sunflower checklist - Wild animals in the garden - Make a chart of a seed's life story - Make a green-haired monster - Grow your own salad - Make a sunflower card - Fast facts - Plant puzzles, and jokes - Plants are clean as well as geen - Growing things to eat: Eating plants - Buried treasure: food under ground - Crunchy, munchy food - Juicy food - The biggest fruit - High and mighty fruit - Doing a runner - Growing food without a garden - Flower power - Planting peas and beans - Companion plants - Plants that smell good - Being weather-wise - Reading seed packets - Multiplication magic - Watch out: food thieves! - Weird plants - More puzzles and jokes - How to find out more about plants.
9781869507947 (pbk)
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635 YAT
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