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A midsummer night's dream - William Shakespeare

Shakespeare, William, 1564-16162009
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This edition contains the original play plus lots of extras and a unique, contemporary approach which appeals to students and teachers alike. It offers a wealth of material to facilitate the appreciation and enjoyment of Shakespeare
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A midsummer night's dream - William Shakespeare / by William Shakespeare, Shane Barnes and Aidan Coleman
Elsternwick Insight 2009
170 p. illustrations
Introduction - Who was Shakespeare? - Elizabethan England - A day at the theatre, London 1599 - Dates, sources and setting - Shakespear's language - Important vocabulary - The characters - Act summaries and activities - The play - General activities: Oral presentations / performance - Questions for debate - Creative writing - Illustration - Questions for discussion - Essay questions -- Appendixes: To the teacher - Two Shakespearean sonnets - A Shakespeare reading list -- Support materials: History and criticism: Marriage conventions and laws - Elizabethan views on fairies and elves - Elizabeth and Leicester - Elizabethan theatre - Shakespeare and the language of love - A Midsummer Night's Dream as comedy -- Shakespear's themes and techniques: Introducing metaphors and similes - A word about soliloquy - Introducing oxymorons - Introducing puns - Introducing imagery: the moon - Introducing dramatic irony - Illusion and reality - Introducing hyperbole - The irrational nature of love - A word about malapropisms - More on imagery: eyes - A word about multiple plots - A word about comic language in Pyramus and the Thisbe
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