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Seidensticker, John2007
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Discover the world of nature's killer's and predators revealed in stunning 3-D detail. Learn how and where they live and about their prey and hunting methods. From venomous snakes to carnivorous plants, big cats, poisonous insects, crocodiles and sharks.
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Predators / by John Seidensticker and Susan Lumpkin
Rowville Vic. Five Mile Press 2007
64 pages colour illustrations diagrams
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Upper primary
Introducing - The cycle of life: a world of predators - Killers of the past - Lost to the world: extinct - Prey fighting back - Natural weapons: beaks and teeth - Claws and talons - Fangs and venom - Size and strength - Life in the fast lane: speed - Killer instinct: deadly teamwork - Hiding and traps - Carnivorous plants - Killer senses - Creative killers - In focus - Top of the food chain: supreme hunters: cats - Towers of strength: bears - Wild dogs and wolves - Kings of the sea: sharks - Crocodiles and alligators - Flying high: birds of prey - Predator habitats: under the canopy: Rain forests - The heat of the sun: deserts - Above and below the ice: polar - Under the sea: coral reefs - Across the plains: grasslands - Diverse predators - Glossary - Index.
9781741786842 (hardback)
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591.53 PRE
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