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Hawkesbury Agricultural College - Distribution of Prizes

Report on annual distribution of prizes and diplomas in connection with Hawkesbury Agricultural College. Besides the usual array of prominent politicians, several Nepean representatives, well known for their deep interest in Agricultural and Show matters, were in attendance. This report includes the Principal's address in which he stated that much of the theoretical teaching had been abandoned in favor of more practical work. The introduction of sheep and wool classes and wool sorting, whereby students received practical training in the field, was a new feature. Of interest too was the receipt of applications for admission to the College from several other colonies, and recently two boys from the Cape had been admitted.
Nepean Times 26 February 1898 page 3
Nepean Times (microfilm) Nepean Times, 26 February 1898, page 3
Hawkesbury Agricultural College - Agricultural Awards - Prize Giving - John See - Valder
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Nepean Times (Microfilm)
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