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Mulgoa - From our Correspondent

A column of Mulgoa news. Reminder of the need for aldermen to push for a weir across the Nepean. New names mentioned as candidates for aldermen this year include G Dent, senr, D Kerchen, C Wholohan, and T O'Grady. J Adams of Luddenham is contesting for Nepean Shire Council and hope he will be returned. Pemberton boarding house will be starting again on 20th instant - it was closed for a fortnight because of the death of the proprietor's father. Mr John Lovat was mentioned in the sermon at the R C Church on Sunday. It is only ten months since Mrs Lovat died and was spoken of in the same way. It must be pleasing for relatives to hear them referred to in such a manner.
Nepean Times 18 January 1908 page 3
Nepean (microfilm) Nepean Times, 18 January 1908, page 3
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