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Lecture on Agriculture

On Thursday night of last week, J L Thompson (late Principal of the Hawkesbury Agricultural College) gave an interesting lecture on Agriculture. The Council Chambers were pretty well filled, and the audience listened with eagerness. Mr Thompson said he was there more as a practical farmer than a scientific one. He himself was a farmer and the son of a farmer. He had commenced on his father's farm in Scotland at the age of 15 years. He had been 37 years in this country, of which time he had spent 13 years in Victoria, 16 years in South Australia, and the remainder in New South Wales. In this four-column article he covers the cultivation of farm crops, manures and manuring, and rotation of crops, fallowing land, etc.
Nepean Times 16 April 1898 page 2
Nepean Times (microfilm) Nepean Times, 16 April 1898, page 2
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