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Lambridge News (From Our Correspondent)

The main interest in this contribution is farming, and several locals rate mention for their efforts. Last of these is Mr Gibson, who recently purchased a choice little orchard property occupied by W Sykes, and has made great improvements with handsome and expensive additions and alterations to the house and premises. New blood on the Nepean District Agricultural, Horticultural and Industrial Society is welcomed, but some old members who have been left out, will be sadly missed.
Nepean Times 15 July 1899 page 4
Nepean Times (microfilm) Nepean Times, 15 July 1899, page 4
Lambridge Estate - Lower Castlereagh Road - R Hamilton - Loder - Nagell - Metropolitan Show Awards - Vegetable Awards - Anderson and Co's Big Pumpkin Prize - J Field - Hollier - A Willett - W Stanton - Tomato Growing - Gibson - Orchard Properties - W Sykes
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Nepean Times (Microfilm)
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