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Penrith Council

An ordinary monthly meeting of the Penrith Municipal Council was held at the Council Chambers, on Monday evening, 8th October.Reports from Clerk of Works and Engineers. Discussion of Town Clerk's recommendations regarding non-payment of sanitary fees. Lengthy discussion on the 'censure of the past' and the state of Penrith and Council.Call for Government Intervention.Description of the state of Penrith streets, houses and council operations. General matters included a consideration of tenders. Mayor's recommendation to form a lane on the land recently sub-divided by Mrs M.A. Woodriff.
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Nepean Times 13 October 1917 page 2 columns 3-4
Nepean News (microfilm) Nepean Times, 13 October 1917 page 2 columns 3-4
Penrith Council - Council meetings - Fitch - Quinn - W Smith - Orth - Jones - Joyce's Estate - Huddleston - W J Fuller - Blaikie - Carter - West - C Ahmelmann - Lance - M A Woodriff - Hand - C J Welch
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Nepean News (Microfilm)
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