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Shakespeare reloaded

Garden, Robin2014
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Think you know William Shakespeare, his world and his work? Think again. This title will revitalise the study of Shakespeare for secondary English students, taking an active approach to the Bards plays as texts to be imaginatively engaged with.
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Shakespeare reloaded / by Robin Garden
Cambridge Cambridged University Press 2014
280 p. colour illustrations
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Introduction -- About the author -- Acknowledgements -- Society: The Elizabethan era: a golden age -- The Renaissance -- Sixteenth-century people -- Politics and religion -- Or a not-so-golden age ... -- Skill builder -- Your turn -- Read and view more -- Theatre: Theatre in Shakespeare's time -- Who was Shakespeare? -- Aristotelian tragedy and Shakespeare -- Shakespeare on theatre -- Some of Shakespeare's contemporaries -- Shakespeare FAQs -- Skill builder -- Your turn -- Read and view more -- Poetry: Shakespeare the poet -- Some poetry groung rules -- Shakespeare's narrative poems: Venus and Adonis -- Lucrece -- The Phoenix and the turtle -- A lover's complaint -- Shakespeare's sonnets -- Skill builder -- Your turn -- Read and view more -- History: Shaespeare's histories -- About Shakespeare's histories: Richard III -- Henry IV, Part 1 -- Henry V -- Skill builder -- Your turn -- Read and view more -- Comedy: Shakespeare's comedies -- About Shakespeare's comedies: A Midsummer Night's Dream -- Twelfth Night -- The Tempest -- Skill builder -- Yorn turn -- Read and view more -- Tragedy: Shakespeare's tragedies -- About Shakespeare's tragedies: Romeo and Juliet -- Macbeth -- Hamlet -- Skill builder -- Your turn -- Read and view more -- Legacy: The scoreboard -- The burning question: Why study Shakespeare? -- A follow-up burning question: Why is Shakespeare still taught in schools? -- What is the secret to Shakespeare's longevity? -- The magic-and business-of theatre -- Original practices -- Was he a genius? -- Did Shakespeare do the right thing by women? -- Autobiography? -- Authorship -- Is there anything left to learn about Shakespeare? -- You have a choice-choose wisely -- Skill builder -- Your turn -- Read and view more.
9781107679306 (pbk)
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