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News From the Interior - From our Correspondents

This news reports the breakdown of the Bathurst Mail and the subsequent stranding of the passengers overnight. It suggests a rail service is needed. There is also a report of a Police Office hearing by Magistrates R C Lethbridge, T Single, and R Fitzgerald. Mr W Bowman claimed that he had hired Luce Halloran, a German vine-dresser, at Frankfurt German, to work for him for 2 years, but the defendant now refused to work any more. An interpreter named Shackless was required for this case. Mr Halloran claimed that he had not received the promised rations and he and his family could not survive on what he received. Halloran was sentenced to one month in gaol, and to return to Mr Bowman's service. The weather is hot and oppressive; flies are almost a scourge, and number of persons are affliced by the blight. Rain needed.
Sydney Morning Herald 26 January 1850 Supplement
Smh (microfilm) Sydney Morning Herald, 26 January 1850, Supplement
Penrith News - W Bowman - L Halloran - German Migrants - Fitzgerald - Interpreters - Weather
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