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Country News - Hospital Sunday at Penrith

A report of the first Hospital Sunday held in Penrith. Organising committee consisters of members of the Order of Foresters, Sons of Temperance, Independent Order of Oddfellow, United Order of Druids, with J Walker as Secretary. The Salvation Army led the procession of 400 persons through the streets of Penrith, and all told 1000 persons attended the meeting. Collection boxes were carried, and donations solicited on behalf of the Nepean Cottage Hospital. Speeches were made by Messrs Judges, Lees, Reas, Brown, Penman, Captain Garner, Messrs Reid, Walker and others. An amount of sixteen pounds was subscribed.
Sydney Morning Herald 12 December 1892 page 6
Smh (microfilm) Sydney Morning Herald, 12 December 1892, page 6
Hospital History - Nepean Cottage Hospital - Subscriptions - Processions - Lodges - Court of Good Fellowship - Western Pioneer Lodge - Pride of the Froest Lodge
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