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Original Correspondence - Charles Tompson, Jr, Lemongrove, Penrith

A transcription of a letter from Charles Tompson regarding his charge of disobedience of orders of his assigned servant, John Kaine, who had originally required permission to go to Mass at the Catholic Church, but had not attended at the time he claimed. Tompson claims he had never in his life refused permission to a servant to go to Mass. He also claimed that Mr Brady told him that if he did not subscribe to the erection of a Roman Catholic Chapel new building in the District, his servants would not be allowed the benefits of religious rites.
Cumberland Mercury 26 September 1836 page 2
Cumberland Mercury (microfilm) Cumberland Mercury, 26 September 1836, page 2
Newspaper Correspondence - Charles Tompson - Catholic Church History - Assigned Convicts - Religions
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Cumberland Mercury (Microfilm)
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