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More maths for mums and dads

Eastaway, Robert2013
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This book gives you all the ammunition to help you to help your teenager get to grips with GCSE maths. It also includes practical and fun examples of where the maths crops up in the real world.
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More maths for mums and dads / by Rob Eastaway and Mike Askew
London Square Peg 2013
376 p. illustrations
Part One. Maths, Parents and Teenagers: What teenagers say -- 'Fast' and 'slow' thinking -- How parents can help -- What's the point? -- Motivating your teenager -- Helping them to get a good exam grade -- How maths has changed -- The syllabus -- The classroom and technology -- Part Two. The Everyday Skills -- Problem-solving -- Estimation and a feel for numbers -- Zequals - the estimation game -- Fermi questions -- Ratios and proportions -- Working out how to scale up -- Percentages -- Problems and puzzles -- Part Three. The Maths: Algebra: What is x? -- What is X for? -- Confusion between the two uses of X -- Equations, expressions and formulae -- N and the nth term -- Real life into algebra -- Another think-of-a-number trick -- Manipulating and solving algebra -- The grid method - algebra and milk crates -- The disappearing multiplication symbol -- Multiplying (out) and brackets (or expanding) -- Simplifying -- Factorising -- Rearranging equations -- Simultaneous equations -- Using algebra -- Summary -- Functions and graphs -- X-Y functions -- Linear graphs, and y = mx + c -- Parabolas and quadratic equations -- Exponential curves -- Sketching graphs -- Geometry: What IS geometry? -- Properties of shapes -- Angles , cangles, fangles and zangles -- Right angles -- Interior angles and exterior angles -- Circles, triangles and polygons -- Triangles -- Internal angles of a triangle -- Interior angles of a polygon -- The area of a triangle -- Finding the misssing information -- Pythagoras' theorem -- Sine, cosine and tan(gent) -- Moving and changing shapes -- Sliding or translating -- Reflection -- Rotation -- Enlargement and shrinking -- Symmetry -- Transforming shapes on a grid -- Vectors -- Numbers, Calculation and Measurerment: Extending the number line - negatives and big numbers -- Very large numbers -- Decimals, fractions and other small numbers -- Decimals and percentages -- Converting between fractions, decimals and percentages -- Decimals and standard form -- Multiplying and dividing by decimals -- Multiplying fractions -- Dividing by fractions -- Endless decimals and irrational numbers -- Measurement -- The three aspects of measurement -- Simple measures, metric and imperial -- Measurements on a human scale -- Rounding and 'ish' numbers -- Compound measures -- Temperature -- Perimeters and area -- Circles and pi -- Volume -- Surface area and volume -- Measurements and algebra -- Calculators -- Tips for claculators -- What sort of claculator? -- BIDMAS and BODMAS -- How scientific calculators have changed -- Probability and Statistics: Probability -- The language of probability -- Working out the probability of an event -- Randomness -- Probability of more than one event -- Presenting and interpreting statistics -- Three types of average: mode, median and mean -- The 'spread' of data -- Stem and leaf -- Interquartile range -- Box and whiskers -- The normal distribution -- Pie charts and bar charts -- Histograms -- Correlation and causation -- Gathering data: surveys and sample size -- Lies, damn lies and statistics -- Part Four. The Questions and Answers: Questions that your teenager might encounter -- Answers -- Answers to test yourself questions -- Answers to problems and puzzles
9780224095310 (hbk)
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