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Adventure in minecraft

O'Hanlon, Martin2015
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Will teach young Minecraft fans how to make your favourite game even better, while you learn to develop Python programming skills, set up & run your own local Minecraft server, and much more by customizing your Minecraft journey.
Main title:
Adventure in minecraft / by Martin O'Hanlon and David Whale
Chichester West Sussex John Wiley 2015
296 pages colour illustrations tables
Upper primarySecondary
Introduction: What is Minecraft? -- The virtual world -- How did Minecraft come about? -- What is Minecraft programming? -- Who should read this book? -- What you will learn -- What we assume you already know -- What you will need for the projects -- A note for parents and teachers -- How this book is organised -- The companion website -- Other sources of help -- Conventions -- Reaching our -- Adventure: Hello Minecraft world: Setting up your Raspberry Pi to program Minecraft -- Installing Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi -- Starting Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi -- Setting up your PC or Apple Mac to program Minecraft -- Installing the starter kit and Python on your Windows PC -- Installing the starter kit and Python on your Apple Mac -- Starting Minecraft on your Windows PC or Apple Mac -- Stopping Bukkit -- Creating a program -- Running a program -- Stopping a program -- Adventure: Tracking your players as they move: Sensing your player's position -- Getting started -- Showing your player's position -- Tidying up your position -- Tidying up your position display -- Using postToChat to change where your position displays -- Introducing a game loop -- Building the Welcome Home Game -- Using if statements to make a magic doormat -- Checking if your player is at a particular location -- Building a magic doormat -- Writing the Welcome Home Game -- Using Geo-fencing to charge rent -- Working out the corner coordinates of the field -- Writing the Geo-fence program -- Moving your player -- Further adventures in tracking your player -- Adventure: Building anything automatically: Creating blocks -- Building more than one block -- Using for loops -- Building multiple blocks with a for loop -- Building a huge tower with a for loop -- Clearing some space -- Using setBlocks to build even faster -- Reading input from the keyboard -- Building a house -- Building more than one house -- Using Python functions -- Building a street of houses with a for loop -- Adding random carpets -- Generating random numbers -- Laying the carpets -- Further adventures in building anything -- Adventure: Interacting with blocks: Finding out what you are standing on -- Finding out if your feet are on the ground -- Building magic bridges -- Using Python lists as magic memory -- Experimentig with lists -- Building vanishing bridges with a Python list -- Sensing that a block has been hit -- Writing a treasure hunt game -- Writing the functions and the main game loop -- Placing treasure in the sky -- Collecting treasure when it is hit -- Adding a homing beacon -- Adding your bridge builder -- Further adventures in interacting with blocks -- Adventure: Interacting with electronic circuits: What you will need for this adventure -- Prototyping electronics with a breadboard -- Building a circuit that lights an LED -- Connecting electronics to your computer -- Setting up the PC or Mac to control electronic circuits -- Configuring the drivers -- Finding the serial port number -- Controlling an LED -- Lighting up and LED from your computer -- Flashing the LED -- Running a GPIO program -- Writing the magic doormat LED program -- Using a 7-segment display -- What is a 7-segment display? -- Wiring up the 7-segment display -- Writing Python to drive the 7-segment display journey with Minecraft -- Appendix: Where to go from here: Websites -- Minecraft -- Python -- Bukkit -- Other ways to make things happen automatically -- Projects and tutorials -- Videos -- Books -- Adventure 10: The Minecraft lift ... and more
9781118946916 (paperbacks)
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