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Genealogy online

Crowe, Elizabeth Powell2008
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Using this guide, anyone can successfully embark on a genealogical research project, locate family roots, and possibly find new family members. It explores the vast world of ancestry-related networks, websites, and online services and explains how they work.
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Genealogy online / by Elizabeth Powell Crowe
San Francisco McGraw-Hill Companies 2008
426 p. illustrations
Part I: The Basics -- Chapter 1. Beginning a Genealogy Project -- Chapter 2. Software You'll Need -- Chapter 3. Genealogy Education -- Chapter 4. Online Communities -- Chapter 5. Ethics, Privacy, and Low in Genealogy -- Part II: General Genealogy -- Chapter 6. Revving Up Search Engines -- Chapter 7. Chat -- Chapter 8. Genealogy Mailing Lists and Forums -- Part III: The Nitty Gritty: Places to Find Names, Dates, and Places -- Chapter 9. Vital Records and Historical Documents -- Chapter 10. Online Library Card Catalogs -- Chapter 11. Genealogy Database Sites -- Part IV: The Genealogy World -- Chapter 12. International Genealogy Resources -- Chapter 13. Ethic Genealogy Resources -- Chapter 14. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- Chapter 15. Ellis Island Online: The American Family Immigration History Center -- Chapter 16. The National Genealogy Society -- Chapter 17. The Generations Network and RootsWeb -- Part V: Appendixes -- Appendix A. Genealogical Standards and Guidelines Recommended by the National Genealogical Society -- Appendix B. How to Find a Professional Genealogist -- Glossary -- Index.
9780071499316 (pbk)
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