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Freitas, Donna2017
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"In the App World, Skye is a sixteen-year-old virtual girl without any glamorous downloads or fancy effects. She joined the App World for the promise of a better, virtual life, but she's looking forward to her seventeenth birthday, when she gets to unplug, see her mother and sister again, and decide which world she belongs in once and for all. Without warning, the border between worlds suddenly closes. Skye is trapped, and her only chance to unplug and see her family again is to find and help Rain Holt, the son of the most powerful leader in App World, who was also left behind when the border closed. But when Skye unplugs, she discovers that the reasons for the border closing are much bigger than anyone in the App World knows, and that she somehow has a part to play--a part that will turn friends into traitors and strangers into followers. And the only person she can trust--in either world--is herself." --Publisher's description.
Main title:
Unplugged / by Donna Freitas.
New York, NY : HarperTeen, 2017.©2016.
427 pages ; 21 cm.
Series title:
Wired ; n1.
Includes extract from The body market, the sequel to Unplugged.
9780062118615 (paperback)
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