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Livingstone. Volume 1

Maekawa, Tomohiro2015
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Every soul has a plan. But if you stray from your destined path, your soul stone, called a psycholith, becomes tainted and shatters, bringing misfortune to all that encounter it. The mission of the uptight Sakurai and the free-spiritied Amano-- agents of a company called Livingstone-- is to find souls in danger of straying and keep them pure. If your life seems to be flying off the rails, and everything just seems wrong, you'd better hope this odd couple finds you in time to put events back on course-- because if they're too late, they might just have to help you along on your journey to the next life.
Main title:
Livingstone. Volume 1 / by Tomohiro Maekawa ; art by Jinsei Kataoka ; translation, Alethea Nibley & Athena Nibley.
New York, NY : Kodansha Comics, 2015.
216 pages : illustrations ; 19 cm.
Series title:
This book reads from right to left.A supernatural action manga with a steampunk-esque flair from the creator of smash hit manga and anime Deadman Wonderland.Translated from the Japanese.
SecondaryRated OT+ for older teens
9781632361936 (paperback)
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