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The house at Silvermoor

Rees, Tracy2020
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1899, South Yorkshire. Fourteen-year-old Tommy has been destined to a life working down the mines since the moment he was born. But he has bigger plans for his future. His best friend Josie from the neighbouring village is equally restless. The wealthy family that owns the mines are dictating harsher conditions than ever. The one source of intrigue and pleasure in their grim Yorkshire life is their fascination with the deserted house between their two villages. Heston Manor has been shut up and uninhabited for years following a family tragedy. And when they discover that its mysteries aren't all in the past, their lives change forever...
Main title:
The house at Silvermoor / by Tracy Rees.
London : Quercus Publishing, 2020.
490 pages ; 24 cm
9781786486714 (hardback)9781786486707 (paperback)
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