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When you're ready : coming out

Lacaze, Katherine2020
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This title for school students focuses on "coming out." The phrase alone may influence feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, pride, doubt, or excitement. The book explains why "coming out" is such a significant aspect of living life as an LGBTQ person and how to make the experience positive and right for you. It includes practical information and insight from leading organizations that provide support, services, and advocacy for LGBTQ youth. You will learn helpful new terms, meet people who likely share very similar experiences, and gain answers on "coming out" selectively at home, school, work, and elsewhere. Most importantly, you will know definitively that you are not alone. Across the world, millions of people identify as LGBTQ, and many of them started just as you are now by reading a book or other material to help them better understand themselves, and explore how to share their sexual orientation and / or gender identity with loved ones, friends, and acquaintances so they could be accepted just as they are. The experience of publicly identifying oneself as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is deeply personal for each individual. While the particulars may vary for each person, this title focuses on issues and questions that are shared by all LGBT teenagers, and include information on groups that provide support to young people coming out.
Main title:
When you're ready : coming out / by Katherine Lacaze.
Philadelphia : Mason Crest, 2020.©2020.
96 pages : colour illustrations ; 24 cm.
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Includes bibliographic references and index.
Interest grade level: Secondary.
9781422242810 (hardback)
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