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Just the two of us

Wilde, Jo2020
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Sometimes the person you least want to be trapped with . . . is the one you married. Julie and Michael Marshall have been married for thirty-four years. They've stayed together through thick and thin, through better and worse - and, for the last few years, it has mostly been worse. They sleep in separate beds, live in opposite ends of their house and exchange approximately ten words a week. They insist to their grown-up kids that their marriage works just fine - after all, who's really happy these days? But as their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary approaches, Julie realises something: she doesn't want to pretend anymore. Divorce papers at the ready, she's just about to have The Talk with Michael when everything changes. An unprecedented pandemic sweeps the country, and Julie and Michael face the greatest terror they can imagine: uninterrupted time with one another. Isolated in their house and unable to escape each other, they wonder how they will ever survive the coming weeks. But, when stripped of all distraction and forced to meet eyes across the dinner table, could it be that Julie and Michael might find a way back to where they first began?
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