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Camping at Wither Bay

O'Carroll, Jeremy2019
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LEVEL TWO reader suitable for 6 to 8 years who are beginning to read alone. Longer sentences and increased vocabulary. Two or more sentences per page. New sound: 'th' as in that (soft th) -- Special words: other, mother, another - Some longer words: starfish, lollipop, drenched, shellfish, perfectly.Fitzroy Readers 21x-30x is the sixth pack in the series, and suits mid-primary students. These charming stories extend the students, with more words on each page and the inclusion of some longer words. Each reader in 21x-30x introduces a new sound (digraph) and a handful of special words (sight words), such as know, young and two. Two or three special words (sight words), such as does, magic and friend, are introduced with each reader in this pack.
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Camping at Wither Bay / story by Jeremy O'Carroll ; illustrations by Caroline Keys.
North Fitzroy Vic. : Fitzroy Programs, 2019.
16 pages : colour illustrations ; 21 cm.
Fitzroy readers are graded stories introducing new sounds and special words. Why it works: Proceeds in small, simple steps. Easy to use. Systematic and complete. Starts with stories, not theories. Fun. Frequent success experiences. Teaches all essential phonics building blocks (e.g. letter sounds, digraphs ['ch', 'th', etc.], sight words & spelling rules). Avoids rare and abstruse cases that are more easily dealt with as special words. Children who have completed this level find it easy to move on to a general literature, such as magazines, newspapers and novels. Notice how these Readers look a lot like an illustrated novel. They are a great springboard for wider reading. New sound: 'th' as in that (soft th)Special words: other, mother, anotherSome longer words: starfish, lollipop, drenched, shellfish, perfectlyIncludes: Teacher's notes.
Lower primary
9781921408397 (paperback)
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