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Marigold Star

Primavera, Elise2020
Books, Manuscripts
Marigold Star is destined for greatness. Everyone in Bramblycrumbly thinks so, her parents and pet dragon included. There's just one problem. Marigold can't do magic! Then one day she tries a new spell written in a very old book. It's called the Invis-O-Friend Spell, and it makes Marigold invisible to all but the friend who needs her most. To Marigold's surprise, the spell works! But now there's another problem. The spell sent Marigold to the human world. And to return home, she'll have to befriend a host of human children who are struggling to make friends. Marigold will have to hurry, or the line between her magical world and the human one might crumble until she has no home left to go back to.
Main title:
Marigold Star / written and illustrated by Elise Primavera.
Primavera, Elise, author, illustrator
New York, NY : Harper, 2020.©2019.
229, 13 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
Includes an excerpt from "The secret order of the Gumm street girls".
Upper primaryFor Ages: 8+ years old
9780060569518 (paperback)
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