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Blood kin

Hilton, Matt, 1966-2022
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When Nicolas 'Po' Villere runs into Elspeth Fuchs, an old flame, he's surprised to find who's by her side. It's her son, Jacob, and he's a dead ringer for when Po was a child. His age lines up with when Po last saw Elspeth, before she left him for Caleb Moorcock and a life in a secluded community. Elspeth and Jacob are now running for their lives from the abusive Caleb. Po and his partner, Private Investigator Tess Grey, offer shelter. But before Po can dive into the boy's parentage, Caleb snatches the absconded pair and drags them back to their fortified commune. Has Po dodged a bullet? Maybe it's best for them all if he never learns whether he's Jacob's father. Who's he kidding? Po resolves to rescue Elspeth and discover the truth about Jacob no matter what...
Main title:
Blood kin / by Matt Hilton.
Edinburgh : Severn House, 2022.©2021.
235 pages ; 22 cm.
Series title:
9780727890962 (hardback)
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