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Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints

A full-text online database designed to provide students and users with a series of articles and overviews that present multiple sides of a current issue with a balance of materials from all viewpoints. Explore both sides of an issue and find overviews, news and opinions on hundreds of today's important social issues. This eResource encompasses a wide range of critical issues affecting the world today as part of our Penrith City Library Suite made available via the State Library of NSW. Using your Library Membership Card barcode number you can logon to the site to access the resources in the library or remotely from your home device via the Library Catalogue.
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Michigan, US : Gale Cengage, 2021
Online database, Mode of access World Wide Web
This easy to navigate online database offers current and authoritative information across various social issues and topics using targeted arguments combined with reference, news and journal articles, interactive maps, videos and infographics. Covering hot topics and important global social issues from capital punishment to immigration to marijuana, this cross-curricular resource supports studies in Science, Social Studies, Current events, and Language and Arts topics by providing informed, balanced, and differing viewpoints to help students develop critical thinking skills and draw their own conclusions. This engaging, topical database also seamlessly integrates acclaimed content with curriculum-alligned material that span common subjects and will help develop future-ready skills. It also provides a good starting point for debatable topics for beginners who are taking their first steps in research. Subject areas covered include: Business and Industry - Economics - Health & Medicine - Political Science - Regional History - Science and Technology - Environmental Science - and - Social Sciences. Featured tools include: Text to Speech Technology - Text Translation into 12 languages - Collaboration Tools - and - Citation Tools. Designed to assist researchers in understanding the full scope of a wide range of controversial subjects it features a series of full text articles and overviews representing opposing viewpoints on a variety of important issues. Students can use this resource as a guide to help them to develop arguments for a debate or debating, or for writing position papers, and to help develop critical thinking skills.
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