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Gale in Context: World History

This online database is designed to provide an overview of World History covering the most-studied events, cultures, civilizations, religions, people, and historical topics from a variety of authoritative and reliable sources. The easy to navigate site allows students and researchers to reach back into the past and Ancient World and forward to today's Modern History making headlines. This eResource encompasses a wide range of important History topics as part of our Penrith City Library Suite made available via the State Library of NSW. Using your Library Membership Card barcode number you can logon to the site to access the resources in the library or remotely from your home device via the Library Catalogue.
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Michigan, US : Gale Cengage, 2021
Online database, Mode of access World Wide Web
The Gale in Context: World History online resource delivers a chronicle of the great cultures and societies that formed the history of the human race. From over 2,200 primary sources to reliable reference materials, and a host of multi-media content that help put the vast History subject into context for students. Providing the ideal resource for finding History Topic overviews, and then to delve deeper into news, biographies, videos, images, journal and magazine articles, interactive content, primary documents and sources, and much more. It also offers an engaging online experience for students seeking contextual information on hundreds of the most significant people, events, and topic areas in World History. Platform tools, Collaboration tools, and Citation tools are included along with authoritative reference content in the form of full-text magazine, journal and news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files, and links to verified websites all organized into a user-friendly portal experience. From the Ancient Egyptians to Anzacs to the Industrial Revolution to the Silk Road to the Space Race or WWI and WWII, a vast range of History Subjects and Topics are covered providing a wide perspective that spans the globe world-wide.
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