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Gale in Context: Science

This online database is designed to provide engaging resources that offer contextual information on hundreds of today's most significant Science Topics through overviews, journal, news, and magazine articles, interactive experiments, and much more. All working to draw students in with captivating subject matter, and Science that showcases how scientific disciplines relate to real-world issues ranging from bacteria to obesity or the weather, and more. This eResource encompasses a vast range of important Science topics as part of our Penrith City Library Suite made available via the State Library of NSW. Using your Library Membership Card barcode number you can logon to the site to access the resources in the library or remotely from your home device via the Library Catalogue.
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Gale in Context: Science / by Gale Cengage
Michigan, US : Gale Cengage, 2021
Online database, Mode of access World Wide Web
The authoritative reference content in this online resource merges with full-text magazine, academic journal, and news articles, over 200 experiments and science projects, images, videos, audio files, and links to vetted websites all organized into a user-friendly portal experience. The easy to navigate Gale in Context: Science database offers current and authoritative information on a wide range of Science Topic areas and it seamlessly integrates acclaimed content with curriculum-alligned materials that span common core Science subjects to help develop future-ready skills. The experiments and projects range from the simple to more complex. News, and multi-media, videos, podcasts, streaming audio, and easy-to-search image galleries are included along with full-text articles from national and global newspapers, journals, and magazines. From Anatomy to Physiology to Organic Chemistry to Earth Science to Health and Medicine to Physics and Astronomy plus the latest Scientific developments and discoveries, and much more.
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