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Gale in Context: Biography

This comprehensive online database of biographical information offers details on more than one million people throughout history and from all around the world, across all disciplines and subject areas. Discover the world's most influential people by searching narrative biographies, news, magazine and journal articles and via multi-media content. This eResource encompasses a vast range of biographical content about important and influential people from around the globe as part of our Penrith City Library Suite made available via the State Library of NSW. Using your Library Membership Card barcode number you can logon to the site to access the resources in the library or remotely from your home device via the Library Catalogue.
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Gale in Context: Biography / by Gale Cengage
Michigan, US : Gale Cengage, 2021
Online database, Mode of access World Wide Web
The Gale in Context: Biography online database provides contextual information on the world's most prominent and influential people. Users can search the site by name, occupation, nationality, ethnicity, gender, dates like birth and death dates, places, keywords, and full-text or a combination of criteria for a more targeted search. It provides an engaging experience for those seeking an overview and more in-depth information on many of the world's most significat people. Organized into a user-friendly portal, it merges authoritative reference content with periodical articles and multi-media. Meet the people who made history and discover why they became so famous or influential. The coverage is based on the most searched and most studied people from across the world and is built on a foundation of more than 650,000 biographical entries covering International figures from all time periods and areas of study. It offers reliable reference material content alongside videos, audio files, images, primary sources, news, journal and magazine articles. Over 4,500 portal pages on contemporary and historical figures are included. The site is updated continually to ensure users have access to current information and latest updates. Subject areas included are the: Arts - History - Literature - Politics - Science and Technology. Platform Tools, Collaboration Tools and Citation Tools are also included. The database offers a huge wealth of biographical information from an array of categories such as Contemporary World Leaders, Scientists, Notable Women, Social Reformers, Filmmakers, and many more subject areas across the pages of history and across the globe.
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