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Bear, lion or wolf : how understanding your sleep type could change your life

Arezzolo, Olivia2022
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Are you a bear, lion or wolf? Learn your sleep profile and get the best night's rest with leading sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo. Bear - You are often a little foggy in the morning, but after a coffee you are good to go - until your 3pm slump. Lion - You love to rise and sleep early, and find yourself the most productive in the morning. Wolf - You notice that the later the day gets, the more energetic you become, making it hard to switch off at bedtime. Do you struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep or find yourself exhausted during the day? Olivia's straightforward, helpful tips wil enable you to get the sleep you really need - not only will you sleep better, you'll be more productive, less stressed and able to function at your absolute best. Whether you're an early-rising Lion, ready to tackle the day before the rest of the herd is up; a hardworking Bear who always slumps around 3pm; or a night-loving Wolf who seems to have more energy as the day goes on, Olivia has the exact tips and tricks you need to sleep properly - so that you can live your best life.
Richmond, Vic. : Echo, 2022.
270 pages ; 24 cm.
"The secret to a great night's sleep"--Cover.
Partial contents: Part 1: How well do you sleep? -- 1. The science of sleep -- 2. Take the quiz: find your chronotype -- 3. Factors that influence chronotypes -- 4. Age of your chronotype -- 5. Sleep saboteurs -- Part 2: Strategies to get your sleep back on track -- 6. Sleep strategies -- 7. The sleep diet -- 8. Sleep supplements -- 9. Personalised chronotype strategies -- 10. Sustaining sleep success -- 11. Twenty-eight-day sleep challenge -- Part 3: Your sleep and your health -- 12. Sleep disorders, dreams and parasomnias -- 13. Health conditions linked to poor sleep.
9781760686987 (paperback)
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